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Some new music coming your way with a brand new track from The Tiki Delights, this time they move from exotica into the Lounge Realm. We’ll talk to the man behind it all, Darren Long. I’ll tackle the movement from analogue to smart watches and what this means for mens fashion plus an amazing story out of the sixties that included big time celebrities and a paparazzi approach to getting the story. And one for the Mad Men fans with a new exhibition that’s just opened

Rachel Caswel -Agua De Beber 
Dave Stryker -In A Sentimental Mood
Tiki Delights -Swank
Paris Mitchel Strings -You Stepped Out Of A Dream
David Carbonara -Don The Man
Project Pimento -Charade
Ellen La Fern- I’ve Got The World On A String
Peggy Lee As Long As I Live
Gene Rains-Lonely Winter
Beegie Adair- You’re The Top
Jackie Gleason -It’s Alright With Me
Nat King Cole and George Shearing -A Beautiful Friendship
James Spencer -Midnight Melancholy


Say No To The Smart Watch

In recent weeks Apple released it’s first Apple Watch. Whilst many tech heads will be excited at this news and there have been predictions that this new watch will take over the traditional analogue watch. There have also been predictions that this new watch will sell like crazy.

To me this entirely-un necessary digital technology, Apple’s entry to the smartwatch market looks set to fully drown you in a never-ending sea of notifications, messages and calendar reminders. Conspiring with the iPhone in a bid to drag society into a functional-yet-Orwellian future, the Apple Watch is the Cupertino tech leviathan’s attempt at making the humble wristwatch redundant, replacing timeless style and expert craftsmanship with a digital face and groundbreaking new technology. And I don’t like it.

Watches occupy a sacred corner of men’s style, often becoming deeply valued beyond purely their style and function. Not only is the Apple Watch devoid of character – besides Siri’s aggravating, manufactured friendliness – it assumes that we don’t spend enough time with our phones glued to our hands already. Style isn’t there to take over your life, bleeping at you every time some maniac you’ve not seen since school wants to play Farmville or reminding you that you’ve spent too much time sitting down. It exists as a quiet, comforting expression of personal taste that has thankfully remained untouched by the all-encompassing digital assault. It should stay that way.


Are Classic Cars An Endangered Species

Back in 1992 I bought my first car, it also happened to be a classic car, a 1960 FB Holden. This car was a GMH product that looked a little like a squashed Chev.
It was an average size car with an underpowered six cylinder 128 engine.
What it lacked in power was made up by it’s awesome styling.
In 1992 there weren’t  a lot on the road as daily drivers but quite a few of my young friends owned one because they were cheap to buy and were easy on parts.
I picked up mine for $4000 and it was a beauty. I took that car all over the country and didn’t have many issues. Today that car would be worth around $20000 which is hard to believe now and harder to swallow as I now wish I had kept the old girl !
Having owned classic cars all my life I have seen the prices rise slowly but surely and when the economy is slow they are hard to sell because it’s a little like owning a boat. You don’t really need one and for most they only run them on the weekend so it can make for an expensive hobby.

A recent insurance report claims that many are under  insured due to the climbing of prices and that many have kept the car at a similar insurance level when they first purchased. Add into the mix that most people keep a classic car for ten or more years the value is likely to be far higher than one might expect.

So for the average person wanting to get into a classic car is going to find it a lot more expensive than in previous years which really means that classic cars are moving into the rich older mans territory. Thus making them a little more endangered and rare. My prediction is that eventually many will become so expensive to own that a lot of enthusiasts will not even want to back them out of the garage for fear of damage and lets face it, when you spend a lot on restoring car it be a nervous proposition.

Another possible scenario which can lead to endangered species status is the loss of knowledge. Most classic car devotees are in their sixties. Many of these guys are a wealth of knowledge and skill. The average mechanic is simply not equipped with the  knowledge to properly repair or service cars of this vintage. Time after time I have found the people have done dodgy repairs and restoration of cars that is simply wrong. When you meet with one of the old cats that dig classic cars they have identified several missing items, wrong items or just poor restoration that whilst might not keep the car off the road, it does mean it doesn’t perform the way the manufacturer intended.

Several years ago I joined a Chrysler club, I turned up at the clubhouse for the monthly meeting and found that most members were at least thirty years older than me. Not a whole lot of fun for a young guy, but it was also intimidating as they tended to assume, and probably quite rightly so, that I didn’t know what I was doing.
The fact remains that fewer younger people are getting into classic cars and this is a major problem. Once the knowledge pool dries up and the older owners either die or get too old then one must wonder what happens to the cars.

More and more I see sales of cars with mentions in the ad that they are in bad health and can no longer maintain the car, or that their sons aren’t interested in the car.
This is a sad state of affairs and I wonder what happens to the car.
So, the knowledge and potentially the car are lost.

Now my predictions may only be realised in decades to come, but I can tell you that it’s happening. Sadly it is an inconvenient truth.


Koop Gets A Mention In Atomic Grog Magazine

Check out this wonderful blog Atomic Grog…great stories and information.
Atomic Grog


VIDEO Koop Talks About His New Book

Koop talks about his latest book VIDEO


Order your copy of Koop Kooper’s Cocktail Nation The Interviews 2

A stash of promotional books has arrived of the latest Koop Kooper’s Cocktail Nation The Interviews 2. You can order your copy via Amazon


Kooper gets a mention in Auto Universum!

Check out this great site about Classic cars by good buddy of the Cocktail Nation, James M Kraus who is also the author of Jet Age Cooking For The Bachelor Gourmet

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Koop Kooper’s Second Interviews Book Released





Great News Friends, My second book of interviews has just been released by Bear Manor Media.

You can grab this book by heading to


It’s a star filled list of crazy cats from the Lounge and Tiki Scene filling this gorgeous book and I must say I am very proud to have had such great talent on the show. It was this reason I put together a second book. Sometimes the talent just rolls in and you really need to document it for historical sake! So there you have it, a brand new Cocktail Nation Book! Check out the stars below and order today!

1. Irwin Chusid on Esquivel

2 Nick Camera Tiki Magazine

3 El Gato Gomez

4 Alison Martino

5 Dj Bonebrake

6 Jay Brooks Clouseaux

7 Jack Crosley

8 Nutty

9 Jimmy Borges

10 Morris Diamond

11 Laurie Allen

12 Tom Tremelo Spy Fi.

13 Nick Lamansky on Yma Sumac

14 Spencer Thompson on Bob Thompson

15 Mr Ho’s Orchestrotica

16 Cocktail angst

17 Lee hale

18 John penman

19 Vic Flick


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