Reviews Are Flying in For Licardo Prince -Accidental Assassin

Thanks to all those who have picked up a copy of my new fiction book Licardo Prince Accidental Assassin for 99c
Check out some of the reviews out now and grab a copy of the story of a Lounge Lothario Assassin.


Jessica Desmond
This is a very fun book of a very swanky Australian assassin named Licardo Prince. It captures a mid-century modern lifestyle that you may recognize from shows like ‘Mad Men’ or ‘James Bond’. If you are even remotely interested in rockabilly, vintage life, mid-century modern style, then this is for you. While reading the story I had very stylized images running through my head in the style of Shag, Brad Bird, and Bruce Timm. I could definitely see this being a series or turned into a graphic novel.

Tiki Tom D
A fast but highly entertaining read… looking forward to the next adventure of Licardo Prince!

A first rate, cracking good yarn that moves at a fast pace and leaves one hardly able to wait for the next instalment of the adventures of Licardo Prince.

Wesley Britton
Licardo Prince is a very short, fast-paced novella that’s deliberately thin on character development but is detailed in its descriptions of the milieu in which the assassin operates. Emulating his creator’s tastes, Prince attends a gig by the Martini Kings, a quartet often plugged on the “Cocktail Nation.” Both Kooper and Prince dig retro clothes, sexy babes, and vintage cars. Kooper clearly reads old-fashioned spy stories as there are numerous references to the tradecraft Prince uses as well as the processes that go through his mind as he sets up his kills while evading, he hopes, being discovered by the law. Most of the literary trappings should be familiar to readers of old-school spy novels; what is new are the unusual methods Prince employs to eliminate his prey, sometimes on the fly, mostly months in the planning.
It’s obvious this yarn is intended to set up a series of future adventures with Prince likely to continue his duel with that other high-dollar assassin. Licardo Prince is a light read and, priced at 99 cents, likely to appeal to those who enjoy jet-setting adventures they can experience in one or two short sittings. Just don’t start imagining ways you can permanently eliminate folks who are crimping your own style .

Cocktail Nation 371 Miss Dinah Shore

I’ve got a great book from a really interesting former Hollywood resident all about one Dinah Shore. News on how to get some very cool mid mod furniture cheaply and easily and how would you like to own something that once belonged to Oscar Peterson!

Daniel Pemberton-His Name Is Napolean Solo
Tikiyaki Orchestra Eden Awaits
Dinah Shore- It Had To Be You
Dawan Muhummed Just Friends
Dave Bruebeck -Heart and Soul
Gene Rains-Caravan
Orchestra Superstring Linonine
James Morrison -The Masterplan
Frank Sinatra- It Was A Very Good Year
Mr Ho’s Orchestrotica- Take The A Train
Les Baxter-Mood Tattooed
Jackie Gleason -Golden Violins


F Troop Actress Melody Patterson passes

Actress Melody Patterson, best known for playing Wrangler Jane on “F Troop,” died Thursday at the age of 66. Patterson died in a nursing home after multiple organ failure, according to reports from Variety


In addition to her starring role on “F Troop” from 1965-1967, Patterson appeared on other television shows of the era including “The Monkees,” “Adam-12” and “Green Acres.” She was also in a handful of episodes of “Hawaii Five-O,” which featured her husband at the time, James MacArthur.

Patterson also appeared in a few films, landing roles in “The Angry Breed,” “The Cycle Savages” and “Blood and Lace.”

Patterson’s “F Troop” co-star Larry Storch announced her death via Facebook post, saying, “It’s with a heavy heart that we can let you know our beloved Wrangler Jane, Melody Patterson passed away today. Our hearts are sad today. RIP Sweet Melody. We love you.”


The Dress Code


Tonight I am heading to Allianz Stadium in Sydney to watch a football game. My seating is in a special “Members Area” which is located near the box seats and is somewhat the premium seating for the game.
As a member I occasionally get some additional passes to give friends and tonight I am doing just that.

I invited a group of men I have done business with and in my email I mentioned casually that there is a dress code for the members area.

What happened after that was interesting. People seem to lose their minds over a dress code. From indignation to confusion, people seem to struggle with the concept of a suggestion of what to wear.

I remember going to my grandfather’s funeral wearing all black top to toe and the guy at the gas station sneering at me sarcastically “hey are you going to a funeral man”?
To which I replied, “as a matter of fact I am you insensitive bastard”.

Today it seems as if most people are oblivious to the concept of wearing clothes appropriate to your chosen activity or venue. Contrary to mythology I don’t wear a tux every minute of the day. Sometimes sports coats, sometimes Hawaiian shirts, shirt and tie, tennis wear for …you guessed it, tennis and golf wear on the golf course. There are lots of variations for all different activities but one thing is common,everytime I do dress I dress for the occasion with my own Kooper slant.

When it comes to dress codes I don’t think we have enough of them and I wish more restaurants and venues would be brave to set down the rules  and buck the trend of clueless dressing and finally sort out the forty year old men who dress like ten year old boys.

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Batman’s Yvonne Craig Has Passed


Yvonne Craig, the prolific actress best known for her role as Batgirl on Batman in the 1960s, has passed away, according to her official website.

Craig passed away at her home in Pacific Palisades. A statement on her official website said the star had suffered from breast cancer, which had spread to her liver.

It was her performance as librarian Barbara Gordon, who secretly moonlights as Batgirl, that defined her career.

She joined the TV show in its third and final series in 1967, thwacking and kapow-ing Gotham’s bad guys alongside Batman and Robin.

The show is still seen around the world today, something which came as a surprise to the actress in her later years.

“I really didn’t think we were mak­ing Gone With the Wind,” she said. “Just an episodic TV series that would be over when it was over and then it would never rerun again.

“I meet women today who tell me that they grew up viewing Batgirl as an important role model. If they choose to know me in that context, well, I’ll take it.”

Craig also played Marta, the green Orion Slave Girl who wanted to kill Captain Kirk, from the third season of Star Trek, in the episode “Whom Gods Destroy.”

During her career, Craig appeared as a guest star in many television series, including The Many Loves of Dobie Gillis, The Six Million Dollar Man, The Mod Squad and many more. She worked opposite Bing Crosby, Sal Mineo, Don Knotts, George Hamilton, Dwayne Hickman, Dennis Hopper as well as Elvis Presley and James Coburn.

She would later work outside of Hollywood, both in real estate and in licensing, producing prepaid phone cards that were used as promotional items for productions like Clueless and Looney Tunes. She was committed to education, literacy and the arts and did not only charitable work, but hands-on tutoring as well.


Cocktail Nation 370 Lurch

This week we look at the life of the man who played Lurch in the TV show the Adams Family. Some good news on the release of my first fiction book and some bond news for you.

Spy FI-Then Play Down 2
Monty Norman -Doctor No’s Fantasy
Vic Mizzy and His Orchestra- The Addams Family Theme
James Spencer-Romancin Jackie Gleason
Jackie Gleason-Beyond The Blue Horizon
Tikiyaki Orchestra- Zero Gravity
Henry Mancini-Shot In The Dark
Gene Rains-Strange Cargo
Kenny Saskai-Undercover Man
Aaron Diel -Moonlight In Vermont
Janice Borla Group- Midnight Voyage
Briamonte Orchestra -Rota Sul
Frank Sinatra -Body And Soul
Tony Bennett-With Plenty Of Money And You

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Just released today! Koop Kooper’s first Fiction book “Licardo Prince- Accidental Assassin”


Well it’s an exciting day today. My first fiction book has been released with Bear Manor Media. This is the first of what will be a series of books about a Lounge Lothario Spy and Assassin called Licardo Prince. A Debonair cat who lives in Monte Carlo. To the average person in Monaco he is a wealthy man about town and at night a cad of the highest order, but he has a secret, he is a hired gun who kills for money but in a very, very interesting way.

I hope you will swing by and grab this new book. I’ve priced it very cheaply as I would love all the fans of the Cocktail Nation to dig this new series of Lounge adventures!

Grab your 99c copy here!

“People dream of the perfect murder each and every day, sometimes they wish a person in their life would just go away, but for most murder is just too distasteful.

One man however saw this as a business opportunity. His name is Licardo Prince, he has the ability and skills to create the perfect accident and he’s been doing it for the rich and famous across the globe for decades.

His perfect little murder business has been moving along nicely till one day in his swank home town of Monte Carlo it all comes crashing down around him, his anonymity is exposed and he is thrown into the murky world of espionage to help prevent the assassination of the Monaco Royal Family.

Set against a jetset lifestyle of Princesses, Casinos and Sports cars comes a story of excess, murder, intrigue and a man who has channeled his psychopathic tendency into a multi billion-dollar venture of made to order accidents”.