Cocktail Nation 354 Tiki Caliente

Some big events coming up in 2015 and here at the Cocktail Nation we love to cover them for you and one of those is Tiki Caliente so this week the man behind it all  Rory Snyder swings by to talk about this marvellous event in Palm Springs.
We have an interesting story on the lessons learnt from Bond and it’s rare when big developers take a hit in the courts but sometimes they do,  I’ll let you know about a developer who might think twice before he knocks down his next building

David Carbonara -Aqua De Beber
Beige Adair-I Could Write A Book
Stolen Idols -Sumatra Mist
Antonio Carlos Jobim -Favella
Stacy Kent-How Insensitive
Combustible Edison-Lonelyville
Julie Lyon Quintet -Born To Be Blue
Nat King Cole-Don’t Get Around Much Any More
Bert Kaemphert-Red Roses For a Blue Lady
Pink Martini Tempo Perdido
Nutty -Rumba- With The Devil
Clouseaux -Copper Locked Nypmh
Tiki Lounge Crew-Smoke and Lager


The Battle to Save The Twentieth Century

In this day and age it’s difficult watching the demolition of the 20th century right before our eyes.

Just when you think there is no hope along comes a saviour. I think the thing we can all learn

is that Goliath can be defeated by David and it’s up to all of us make sure we speak up and

stand against the development when it threatens our heritage

Here in Sydney the Leichhardt council has won a landmark victory against a property developer

who illegally demolished a heritage-listed shopfront in Annandale.

The NSW Land and Environment Court found the owner and director of development company

Geitonia, Bill Gertos, personally liable for the illegal demolition of the Edwardian facade

located next to the iconic Annandale Hotel.

The court found Mr Gertos ordered the demolition of the Edwardian facade in late 2011 after

the council approved a redevelopment of the building on the proviso the shopfront facade would

be preserved.

The maximum penalty for the offence is $1.1 million.

The ruling was one of the rare cases where an individual owner or director of a company was

successfully prosecuted for breaching heritage law, and could set a precedent for other Sydney

councils fighting to save heritage buildings.

Lets hope it does, and maybe, just maybe these companies will think twice before swinging a wrecking ball.

Cocktail Nation 353 Stan Freberg Story

This week we look at the life of Stan Freberg who left us recently, i have a book that just may be the bible for all  lounge lotharios and a sad story about the Coco Palms hotel from Blue Hawaii.

Jimmy Vargas-Love is a Racket
Daniel Pemberton -Finding The Fury
Alika Lyman Group -Swingtime in Honoluu
Tiki Joes Ocean Waikiki Pursuit
Bobby Fox -Let There Be Love
Tiki Lounge Crew -Hipsters Lair
Roger Roger Rumbanita
Don Randi Trio -Sherry Blue
Art Mooney -Caravan
Ahmed Jamal -Moonlight In Vermont
Kate Ross -Jazz
Martini Kings Buddy Grecco S Wonderful
Pink Martini Mayonka No Bossa Nova
Herb Alberts Tijuana Brass Whipped cream
Molly Ringwald I Believe In You
Jackie Gleason A Man And A Woman


Cocktail Nation 352 Big Eyes

This week a movie you just have to see, a movie set in the sixties that will blow your mind as to how one artist could be exploited so badly in what became a lie of mammoth proportions . I have a story of a more recent hoax and how would you like a Cold War era house with a bunker, plus the passing of a comedy great.

Calvin Keys-Seems To Be
Julie Lyon- Strollin
Jackie Gleason -The More I See You
David Carbonara- Caravan
Tony Bennett -Manhatten
Tiki Lounge Crew -Perky Jazzy And Chic
Adam Smalle-Blues To Yous
Arthur Lyman -Sweet And Lovely
Barbara Levy Daniels -Moonglow
Gene Rains-Flamingo
Sergio Mendes Mas Que Nada
Bobby Darin -When Day Is Done
Dean Martin -I Can’t Believe You’re In Love With Me
Larry Gelb Suddenly It’s Spring


Stan Freberg passes

Satirist Stan Freberg, who influenced generations with his witty comedy albums and cartoon voices and memorable advertising campaigns, died Tuesday in Santa Monica. He was 88 and had been suffering from respiratory problems and pneumonia.

His son Donavan posted the news on his Facebook page, saying, “He was, and will always be, my hero, and I will carry his brilliant legacy forward as best I am able.”

Stan Freberg has passed away


Cocktail Nation 351 Mod Betty

This week we take a look at an up coming mid mod and tiki event, Ive got some cool blogs to tell you about for your retrofix, the best parties from across the globe and some very cool new lounge tracks along with some Mad Men news.

Clouseux -Ennui
Tiki Delights -Sandy Samba
Beegie Adair -S Wonderful
Chet Baker Street Of Dreams 
Cal Tjader- Cool
Tiki Lounge Crew -C Breeze
Rachel Caswell -De Dah
Uptown Vocal Jazz- Take Me Away
Gene Rains-Jungle Drums
Waitiki 7 -Flower Humming
Heather Rigdon I Like My Coffee Black
James Spencer – It’s So Good To Want You Bad 
101 Strings- A Man And A Woman


Say No To The Smart Watch

In recent weeks Apple released it’s first Apple Watch. Whilst many tech heads will be excited at this news and there have been predictions that this new watch will take over the traditional analogue watch. There have also been predictions that this new watch will sell like crazy.

To me this entirely-un necessary digital technology, Apple’s entry to the smartwatch market looks set to fully drown you in a never-ending sea of notifications, messages and calendar reminders. Conspiring with the iPhone in a bid to drag society into a functional-yet-Orwellian future, the Apple Watch is the Cupertino tech leviathan’s attempt at making the humble wristwatch redundant, replacing timeless style and expert craftsmanship with a digital face and groundbreaking new technology. And I don’t like it.

Watches occupy a sacred corner of men’s style, often becoming deeply valued beyond purely their style and function. Not only is the Apple Watch devoid of character – besides Siri’s aggravating, manufactured friendliness – it assumes that we don’t spend enough time with our phones glued to our hands already. Style isn’t there to take over your life, bleeping at you every time some maniac you’ve not seen since school wants to play Farmville or reminding you that you’ve spent too much time sitting down. It exists as a quiet, comforting expression of personal taste that has thankfully remained untouched by the all-encompassing digital assault. It should stay that way.