Koop Kooper’s Second Interviews Book Released





Great News Friends, My second book of interviews has just been released by Bear Manor Media.

You can grab this book by heading to http://www.bearmanormedia.com/index.php?route=product/product&product_id=767


It’s a star filled list of crazy cats from the Lounge and Tiki Scene filling this gorgeous book and I must say I am very proud to have had such great talent on the show. It was this reason I put together a second book. Sometimes the talent just rolls in and you really need to document it for historical sake! So there you have it, a brand new Cocktail Nation Book! Check out the stars below and order today!

1. Irwin Chusid on Esquivel

2 Nick Camera Tiki Magazine

3 El Gato Gomez

4 Alison Martino

5 Dj Bonebrake

6 Jay Brooks Clouseaux

7 Jack Crosley

8 Nutty

9 Jimmy Borges

10 Morris Diamond

11 Laurie Allen

12 Tom Tremelo Spy Fi.

13 Nick Lamansky on Yma Sumac

14 Spencer Thompson on Bob Thompson

15 Mr Ho’s Orchestrotica

16 Cocktail angst

17 Lee hale

18 John penman

19 Vic Flick


Cocktail Nation 309 A Kitchen Of The Future

Got a cool pad but the Kitchen is just a little too contemporary, well I’ve got a guy who is going to inspire you to create the retro kitchen of the future ! News on the state of affairs for the Rooney Estate, I’ll let you know who is in my soon to be released book number 2 of interviews plus an incredible story of an auction of the most amazing scrap yard in history!


JR Spencer Blue Gardenia
Julie London We’ve Proved Them Wrong
Aaron Diehl Single Petal Of A Rose
Bud Powell A Night In Tunisia
Grace Knight You’d Be So Nice To Come Home To
Jackie Gleason Darn That Dream
John Coltrane Blue Train
Rhonda Burchmore Blue Moon
Bassie Bennett April In Paris
Ray Anthony Peter Gun Suite
Laurindo Almeida The Look Of Love
James Morrison The Master Plan
Hans Karl Blue Scooter


Cocktail Nation 308 A Singular Vision

Like many of the listeners of the Cocktail Nation I just. Love mid century modern architecture. This week we talk of a giant of MCM in that of Harry Seidler, we talk men’s accessories along with the passing of a Hollywood legend. There’s some new releases to be checking out and I have some of the best parties from across the globe to attend.


Narco Lounge Combo White Rum

Daniel Pemberton Finding The Fury

Peggy Lee You’re Blasé

Madeleine Peyroux You Don’t Know Me

Si Zentner The Third Man Theme

Art Blakey And The Jazz Messsengers Moanin

Mr Ho’s Orchestrotica Andalucia

Catherine Hunter Only Trust Your Heart

Burt Bacharach and Cal Tjader What The World Needs Now

Paul Phillips Tenderly

Ludovic Bource Vixen To Vixen

Chet Baker Forgetful

Shirley Scott Dreamsville


Koop Koopers 2nd book due May 2014

set for release next month my follow up book Koop Kooper’s Cocktail Nation The Interviews 2 featuring

Irwin Chusid on Esquivel

Nick Camara Tiki Magazine

El Gato Gomez

Alison Martino

DJ Bonebrake

Jay Brooks, Clouseaux

Jack Crosley on Orchestral Pop


Jimmy Borges

Morris Diamond

Laurie Allyn

SPY-FI: Tom Tremelo

Nicholas Limansky on Yma Sumac

Spencer Thompson on Bob Thompson

Mr. Ho’s Orchestrotica

Cockatil Angst

Lee Hale

John Penman on Penman Hats

Vick Flick


Cocktail Nation 307 The Monuments Men

Talking movies this week as we cover the latest George Clooney film The Monuments Men, a great World War Two thriller. A book on Sinatra you need in your library and maybe you should keep it on your nightstand plus an interesting story in the mainstream news that has thrust lounge and burlesque into the public eye.


The Useless Playboys Caravan

Joe Pass El Gento

Greg Arthur More And More

Si Zentner M Squad Theme

The Left Arm Of Budda The Coco Serenade

David Rose Like Young

Martini Kings You Only Live Twice

O Som Do Jazz Secret Paradise

Trudy Pitts Take Five

Jack Jones Fly Me To The Moon

Robert Hicks They All Laughed

Aaron Diehl Epilogue

Nutty Rhumba With The Devi

Stacy Kent This Happy Madness


Swank Accessories For Men


These days most young men are not into men’s accessories but I’m here to tell you that the truly swank man has plenty of accessories and that accessories truly make the man.

A well kitted out man will have a collection of tie bars, cuff links, watches and other manly accessories. But where should he place them? Should they be left on a bowl with his keys and small change? Certainly not. Just like the ladies, a well equipped man will also have a jewellery case. The difference is that a mans will be less ornate, probably have less compartments and more than likely will be of a manly mahogany or teak finish.

A nice jewellery box says a lot about a man, it says that he is refined, organised and cares for his nice possessions. Dumping your affects into a bowl says the opposite, plus it’s not very practical when you are in a rush and need to select the right accessories to make your suit work perfectly.

In addition to this, it must also be said that having several variations of accessories is a must. One can’t get away with just one watch, at least four or more watches are necessary and a similar amount of cuff links, tie bars and rings are vital.

Place all these items in a nice, manly compartment and you are ready to conquer the world with style and sophistication.



Cocktail Nation 306 Gary Owens Comedy “Put Your Head on My Finger”

Some comedy this week and this time it’s from Gary Owens and his album Put Your Head On My Finger, news on a 1967 Corvette Stingray that was left in a barn and recently discovered, I’ve got a cool book and series to check out,news out of the fraternal order of the Moai some cool gigs to check out across the globe along with the best hand picked lounge and exotica piled high in the Sydney Penthouse Studio.


Aaron Diehl Stop And Go
Diana Krall Almost Blue
Tamba Trio Mas Que Nada
Tiki Lounge Crew Bongo Nova
101 Strings Rio Del Mar
Count Basie From Russia With Love
Cy Coleman Playboys Theme
Illinois Jacket Lean Baby
Karen Souza Tainted Love
Frank Sinatra It Was Just One Of Those Things
Gerry Mulligan Night Lights
Halford Jetset Tema De Anna
Ricki Derek Rio